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Where is the seafood from?

Fish For It Singapore offers mostly wild-caught ocean-fresh fishes and seafood found in Malaysian waters – from The Straits of Melaka and Sabah, with its landing base located at Sungai Besar. Transported flash-frozen to your doorstep in Singapore.

Is your seafood wild-caught?

YES! everything is wild-caught, unless specified.

Can you explain the flash-freezing process?

When we say 'flash freeze', this means it is frozen immediately after the clean, gut, scale and vacuum-packaging process. We use extremely low temperatures to freeze the seafood solid in a matter of minutes – it is an entirely different process in comparison to freezing any kind of food in a regular refrigerator freezer. Seafood is frozen so quickly, that it prevents ice crystals from forming between the fibres of the meat. Additionally, with the vacuum packaging, it removes air (oxygen), limiting bacteria growth at the same time. Both these processes retain our seafood's ocean-fresh condition, and locks in the nutrition, texture and flavour too!

How is the seafood packaged for delivery?

All our seafood is cleaned, scaled, gutted, vacuum-packed and flash frozen. All this is done as soon as the seafood arrives at the landing base, within the same day. Thereafter, it is dispatched in an insulated bag to keep it cool so seafood remains in ocean-fresh condition. This ensures that it stays frozen, and ready to defrosted for cooking or placed in your freezer upon delivery.

Do you clean, gut and scale the fishes?

Yes, that’s our standard operating procedure. We aim to make your home-cooking experience as convenient as possible!

What should I do upon receiving my seafood?

If you’re planning on cooking the seafood within the same day, store it in the refrigerator. Otherwise, our packaging is freezer-friendly – so all you have to do is put it into the freezer as is!

How long can the vacuum-packed seafood be kept in the freezer?

Because it's flash-frozen and vacuum-packed, our seafood can actually be stored in the freezer for a long time, but we always advice customers it's best to consume it as soon as possible! Also, all our wild-caught seafood has NO preservatives, additives, chemicals, carcinogen or antibiotics!

Do I still need to wash the seafood after defrosting it?

Just a quick rinse will do the job!

What’s the best method to defrost flash-frozen seafood?

You can either leave it in the kitchen basin or within a container and fill it with water to submerge the seafood (still within vacuum-packaging) fully so it defrosts evenly. Time needed depends on the size. Once it’s defrosted up to about 90%, cut open the vacuum-packaging, give the seafood a quick rinse and it’s ready to be cooked!

What if my seafood is not fresh when I receive it?

At Fish For It Singapore, we’re confident our freshness is guaranteed. However, in the case of such an unfortunate event, inform us via WhatsApp 98315131 or at immediately within one hour of your delivery and we aim to resolve any issues together.
Note: Fish For It Singapore will look into each issue on a case-by-case basis and we will be in touch with you directly.

Are your seafood prices seasonal?

Yes, prices of our seafood fluctuate depending on the season. However, during off-peak seasons, we do our best to absorb any additional costs to keep prices standardized. Do note that prices are subject to change during peak seasons.

What if an item I ordered is not available?

Although it is a rare encounter, in the case of such an unfortunate event, we will get in touch with you personally to address how we can amend the order according to your personal preference.

What are your payment methods?

Currently we accept PayPal and PayNow payments.

For PayNow payments, please complete the checkout process to receive a QR code for payment.